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Cle Coin Laundry Franchise!


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Discover the extraordinary opportunity to invest in a profitable passive income business! From small to large-scale operations, start your coin-operated laundry business with investments ranging from 25k MYR to 350k MYR!

  • Cash Business with Minimal Labor: Enjoy the benefits of a cash-based business model with minimal staffing requirements.
  • Recession Proof Investment: Invest in a business that remains resilient even in challenging economic climates.
  • Consistent Revenue Stream: Benefit from a reliable source of income with steady demand for coin-operated laundry services.
  • Year Round Business: Experience consistent business throughout the year with no seasonal fluctuations.
  • Essential Service: Clean clothes are a necessity for everyone, ensuring a constant demand for coin-operated laundry services.

Why should you invest in a Coin Operated Laundry Business?


Key Highlights :

  • The coin-operated laundry business boasts a remarkable 90% success rate, reflecting its high profitability potential.
  • Steady and recurring demand for coin-operated laundry services, an essential need for individuals and businesses alike.
  • Lower investment risk compared to other industries, making it an attractive option for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Minimal seasonality ensures year-round revenue opportunities for sustainable growth.
  • Scalability through additional services like dry cleaning or targeting commercial clients.

Benefits of Joining Cle Coin Coin-Operated Laundry Franchise


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